Simple Home Staging Tips

As a Seller, sourcing out the best practices for selling your home can be overwhelming.  There are dizzying lists of to do’s and not to do’s that any modern-day surfer can peruse on the internet.

From choosing a Realtor® to collecting the cash, the innumerable expert articles can leave anyone a bit dazed and confused. My advice. Keep it simple. Through all of the paperwork, pricing, marketing, negotiating and getting a deal together, it is good to be prepared and do some homework, but rest assured, you are in good hands with your Realtor®.

This person whom you’ve chosen after careful consideration has got your goals set in his/her target. It is their job to take care of the details that will lead to the sale of  your home, and they will diligently do that. With precision marketing and real estate acumen you can trust your chosen professional.  This allows you to focus on other, equally as important details.

Your job… Staging. Home staging is where you step up and carry the load. And that may be literal loads of garbage, dusty odds and ends that clutter corners of closets and basement “storage” rooms.

Cousin Clem’s garden gnome that was meant to be a gag, now adorning a corner of the family room need not remain for the showings. This is no time for sentiment. Out go the saved tire tubes that just might be needed someday as a tow rope for the 1967 lawn tractor stored at the back of the garage, the macramé plant hangers that Aunt Bertie made, flowered faux oil-lamps that didn’t raise an eye at the latest yard sale and yes, I’m going to say it, the wall mounted wildlife. Out it goes. Take it to a relative’s house for safe keeping, donate it to a lodge or do the right thing and send Bambi back to nature. All of it must go…at least for a while.

Every nook and cranny should be spotless. A clean home implies a well-maintained home and a well-maintained home is of more interest to Buyers.  No one should have to wipe their feet off prior to putting their shoes back on! That is just wrong and doesn’t create a lasting impression that will promote a sale. Cliché yes, but you really only do have one chance to make a good first impression.

So now that we have gotten that out of the way, garbage and clutter gone and home spotless…there are still a few fundamentals that should be considered. Temperature is not to be overlooked, especially during fall and winter months. Warm and cozy, that’s what you want to present. With surfaces clear of clutter and personal items, there will be opportunity to add a bit of je ne sais quoi.  Something decorative on the table, fresh flowers are a nice touch and warm lighting for evening showings will be a start to a great first impression. Spotless interior is a must!

The home should smell fresh and clean or like Gram’s home baked goodness. It’s true, a freshly baked apple pie, bread or cookies adds to the ambiance and if you’re not a great cook, the Pillsbury Dough Boy is. Visiting Buyers will love the added touch and will slow down for a snack increasing the chances they will see something that they like. Living room tidy, TV off, beds made, nothing to it really.  Personal items, these should be streamlined and please, nothing on the bathroom counter.

Keep a luxury hotel bathroom in mind and always, ladies you’ll love this, toilet seat and cover down. Throw cushions, table runners, a fresh area rug and some unique accessories will help to present your home in a great light. Now do you see why they call it Winners? A great place to get inexpensive furnishings that will update your nest and help you get the winning result you are looking for.

Take a look at some style mags, and even have a few on the coffee table. Engage a stylish friend for help, if necessary. These details are not what the Buyers are primarily interested in, but it creates an impression of a home that is well put together in all aspects and that positive impact will make winners of us all.

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