Smart Communication

A degree in computer science? No, I’m a Realtor®.

Communicating real estate style involves a plethora of skills. Not only is it imperative to be on top of my game with market trends, negotiation skills, contract law, and savvy strategies to ensure my clients receive the best possible value when buying or selling, but I must be a guru of marketing, an excellent copywriter, home stager, therapist, mediator, dog whisperer and more. All of this and by what means? I have negotiated deals from planes, trains, boats, and automobiles, from cell phone, laptop, tablet and good old fashioned desktop.
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I have sent offers to other Realtors® from the comforts of my home in front of Hockey Night in Canada. I’ve searched and researched market trends, comps and new additions to the market from Starbucks and I have arranged showings while in the Tim Horton’s line up for a medium black. Yes, in this business, coffee is essential. Sending paperwork has become, no longer a personal delivery, but with a trusty smartphone or computer, I can forward any document to client or Realtor® while en route from point A to B. Of course, I do pull over.

The office is now, wherever I am. With an array of clientele, one must be versatile in their communication repertoire. Millennials are communicating via social media messaging, text, video conferencing and emails. This generation is savvy with technology, smarter than their smartphones and have thoroughly examined the majority of properties, from satellite images to tax assessments and comps, before reaching out to their Realtor® to arrange to view homes firsthand, after sitting back with a cup of java and watching the video tours. Millennials can go from virtual tour to an offer presented complete with digital signatures to the Seller’s agent in 90 minutes. The bulk of Boomers are doing much the same, or at least trying, and some remain steadfast in their use of the good old-fashioned telephone.

For the most part, Boomers are getting on board with the technology and working to stay current. Video conferencing, and social media messaging is at a minimum with this group and they rely on their Realtor® to assist them in acquiring property information. Communicating with this group is a blast. Telephone, text, face to face and occasionally fax screaming at me through my cell phone certainly keeps things interesting. Beyond the Boomers, the communication is more telephone and face to face communication, a slower and more personal approach, which certainly isn’t a bad thing and a nice reprieve from the technology. No electronic signatures for this generation. The Silent Generation.

In my career, I have seen amazing advancements in technology and means by which we can communicate with one another. Texting photographs, emailing documents, signing contracts with your finger and smartphone, it’s all amazing stuff.  It’s great to have so many options at our fingertips.  Staying connected is easier than ever.

One thing to consider while all of this is swirling around our heads as we try to grasp the latest technology, messages via social media messaging, texting and email can be binding agreements. So think before you flippantly agree to leave your Grandmother’s china cabinet via text message, you can be held to that.

In this Province, an email, text or recorded video conference is a binding agreement. It’s casual communication, but sometimes no laughing matter.

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