Value of a Realtor

There are a few things to establish when deciding how to approach the sale of your home.

Be it a private sale, or listing your home with a Realtor, several needs requirements should be considered. Realtors offer a service that encompasses all aspects of the transaction, from pricing and presenting your home at its optimum, to completing the sale. Ensuring client’s needs are met, and hopefully exceeded, is paramount to most Realtors.

To begin, a good Realtor will inform the seller of current market trends and inventory in their surrounding location, recent sales and comparable property information that will help to price the home for sale within a reasonable timeframe. This information is crucial to a successful sale.

Pricing is key and should not be taken lightly. Is it about what you want out of the sale, enough for a new car or deposit on your next home? Or is it about the home’s true value? Your Realtor will be able to pinpoint the right value so that you get the best price possible from the sale of your home. Keep in mind that there are no upfront fees associated with any service provided by a Realtor.

Our fee for service is only paid when we are successful at achieving your goals of the sale and when the sale has completed, keys in hand to the lucky buyer. When a seller approves of the agreement to engage the Realtor, the excitement begins. Staging, photographs, description, and details are marketed both in print as well as the almighty internet. Maximum exposure is key. As Realtors, we work hard to screen potential buyers to ensure their buying capabilities prior to booking appointments to view any home. Working with qualified buyers and having several buyers in our portfolio is integral to our success.

Providing feedback from these showings gives both the seller and agent good information to work with to assist with the selling process. When an offer is made, experienced Realtors ensure that the negotiations run smoothly, with the interest of their clients being a top priority. Any infinitesimal detail can be part of a negotiation, from the sale price, inclusions and special conditions, to the resident cat being included in the sale, or the driveway being swept prior to closing. (Trust me, this happens.)The buying and selling of homes can be emotional.

Maintaining a balance between buyer and seller to ensure emotions don’t hinder the sale can sometimes be a challenge. This is where a Realtor comes in handy. Ensuring clients get the proper legal counsel, cross their t’s and dot their I’s, ensuring details of the sale are adhered to, is something we do every day. So whether you are considering going it alone, or hiring a professional, my advice to you would be not to sell yourself short. And you just may if you don’t know the market. Trust in professional to get the job done.

After all, would you fix your own car, pull your own tooth or sit in the pilot’s chair for that flight to Cuba?


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