Waterfront VS. Water View

Under promising and over-delivering in today’s current market is a risky business.

Absolutely, Sellers must pull out all the stops to present their homes in the best possible light and to emphasize every positive and redeeming attribute their home has to offer. From granite counter tops and propane fireplaces to hardwood floors and his and hers walk-in closets, every feature counts.

However, nothing beats the ultimate appeal, waterfront, and water view. Saint John and its surrounding area have some of the best waterfront and water view properties New Brunswick has to offer. My opinion may be a bit biased, although I believe few would disagree, it’s a virtual playground with sunrise and sunset vistas to tantalize, and nature’s water park at the front door.  Awe inspiring views in any season.

In the real estate world, if you’ve got it, flaunt it. What of those Sellers looking to optimize their marketing potential and claim the ultimate water view? What constitutes a water view anyway? Is it from the front porch where you can sit and easily appreciate a clear view of the water, or is it a water view peek through the neighbor’s century-old oak tree, through the power pole and electrical wires, through a second story bathroom window? No, it really isn’t.

For those of you contemplating this disastrous marketing strategy, my suggestion would be to under promise and over deliver. If you don’t have it, don’t flaunt it. Let the Buyer be pleasantly surprised by that view in the distance. It’s never good marketing to disappoint and leave Buyers feeling jilted. They will appreciate the integrity of the Seller who makes no questionable promises. It’s better to leave them feeling like they are getting something more than they bargained for, making a sale more likely.

As for waterfront home owners, play it up! Go ahead and boast about it. True waterfront speaks volumes. Presenting that frontage at its optimum can put money in your pocket. Docks, landscaping, a walkway to the water’s edge and a couple of resident kayaks are some strategic ways to enhance that waterfront gem.  Cue the ducks and resident bald eagle.

Staging this area is as valuable as staging the interior of the home. Strategic placement of great outdoor furniture, a few planters, and lighting will create that Shangri-La that Buyers can’t resist.

To those waterfront homeowners, keep in mind that this fanfare will lack the desired luster if this effort is put forth for that babbling brook or stream rushing by the house, if only for a moment, in the spring. It just won’t have the same impact.

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