Well, Well, Well

Drinking water, the most fundamental necessity for all of us, should not to be overlooked, nor its importance underestimated, during the buying or selling process of any rural home with its own well. This necessity can make or break the sale of any home no matter how perfect for the purchaser. For those of you who are preparing to sell your home, it is vital to take all of the steps possible to ensure that the quality of the drinking water is at its optimum and free of any bacteria prior to, and during the marketing process of your property. Smart sellers should look into testing the well so that issues can be addressed prior to the sale of the home.

Potential buyers will appreciate that the seller has gone that extra step to provide a clear water test result. The test required for financing during the selling process will then become a formality, not a potential obstacle that could impede the sale.  I recommend that you hire this service professionally done. This will ensure the test is taken properly and the potential buyers will have no cause to think the test is questionable. This is a small and worthwhile investment for a preferable result during the sale process.

There are several reasons why water tests fail; improperly taken tests, heavy rain causing surface water to enter the well water, a cracked well casing, saltwater intrusion, and the most dreaded…fecal matter, just to name a few.  A professional will be able to help you address any issues that might be causing a negative result.

Buyers should be diligent in their fact-finding, whether buying a first home or forever home, and confirm that the distance from the well to the septic (if the home is on a septic system) is at the minimum requirement set out by Health Canada.  Also to be considered is the proximity to the road, as salt during the winter can negatively affect well water.

Regardless of the purchase price and financing arrangement, be sure to have the water tested. This will ensure you are making a wise investment and will not see your hard earned money go down the drain. For those of you who are in the market to purchase that new home, if the water test fails during the buying process, don’t let it dampen your enthusiasm.  Failed tests are common and most of the time there is a simple solution. 

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